HanDe Group is a subsidiary of Sununion Group, who is mainly engaged in window covering business, HanDe was acquired from Hunter Douglas Group in 2015 and owns the Brand of “Sunesse” and “Rollergy”, for his sun shading material and finished blind brand perceptively. 作為一家專注于解決建筑遮陽節能系統的專業集成商,同時也是一家運用科技與藝術的手段,為建筑和家居提供極富科技感的定制型窗飾產品的創新型科技企業,漢德致力于通過建筑遮陽來改善人們生活和工作的環境,在不經意間達到明與暗,冷與熱,空間與空間,城市和自然的平衡。 As a professional integrator focusing on building shading and energy saving system, as well as an innovative technology enterprise using technology and designing to provide customized window covering products, HanDe is committed to improving people's living and working environment through sun shading, and inadvertently achieving balance between light and dark, cold and hot, space and space and the balance between city and nature. “掌控光與熱,為綠色生活”是漢德人的愿景。青出于藍而勝于藍,漢德人的腳步起源于世界著名的窗飾遮陽企業,而公司的使命就是在窗飾遮陽行業創造出一個比肩世界的中國企業。 “Play light and temperature, for green life” is the vision of HanDers. The footsteps of handers originated from the world-famous window covering enterprises, and the mission of the company is to create a comparable Chinese enterprise in the world in window covering industry.

公司大事記: History of HanDe: 2019年7月 Jul 2019 第二期擴產項目完成。 Phase II expansion finished. 2018年5月 May 2018 戰略投資由美國新澤西理工大學Doctor Yi創辦的威爾陽光智能科技有限公司,開始研發并產業化新一代玻璃間靜電遮陽膜技術。 Strategic invested Winergy International, start to develop and market new sun shading technology between glasses. 2017年8月 Aug 2017 公司開發了雙色紗、玻纖布、打印布等新品種。 Developed new product such as two tune, fiberglass, digital printing etc. 2015年3月 Mar 2015 公司被商羽集團收購,更名為漢德 Acquired by Sununion Group from Hunter Douglas, change name to HanDe. 2011年1月 Jan 2011 開始生產成品簾,為中國和亞洲其他國家的遮陽項目提供解決方案。 Started to produce window covering product for commercial market in China and Asia market 2007年8月 Aug 2007 獲得SGS ISO 9001質量管理, SGS ISO 14001環境管理和 SGS OHSAS 18001健康與安全管理認證。 Obtained SGS ISO 9001 Quality Management System, SGS ISO 14001 Environment Management System and SGS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Management System 2007年6月 Jun 2007 第一期陽光面料和涂層面料工廠開始運作,成為中國第一家擁有全空調控制廠房環境的遮陽面料生產商。 Built up Sunscreen and Coated fabric factory, with full temperature,control of production environment, which was the first company who adopt full environment control in the industry. 2005年9月 Sep 2005 由亨特集團投資成立,注冊資本為4100萬美元。 Established by Hunter Douglas Group, with paid up capital of USD 41M.
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